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The 4-1-1

About this Project:

Last month we purchased a home in an area of Temple with a high poverty rate. We have spent the past few years getting to know families and kids in the area, and our hearts were continually drawn to a specific demographic; the pre-teen and teenage boys. We saw amazing boys with a lot of potential that simply lacked male role models and a sense of direction for their lives. This often led to them getting into trouble and being kicked out of everything that they needed the chance to be a part of. We see the hope, joy and potential that lives in each of our boys, and we want to provide a place where they are always welcome with people that are always welcoming them. The house is within walking distance from them, and we have two amazing young men that are eager and willing to live there and invest in the boys in the community. Marcus and Dion have already proven their commitment to the boys, understand where they come from, and are determined to make a lasting difference in their lives.

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Kim White

Temple, TX

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