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Dream Title

Ascent to Kilimanjaro for the Tim Tebow Foundation

About this Project:

I have served as a photographer for the Tim Tebow Foundation’s Golf Classic for the past 4 years and I have seen the mountains they’ve moved to bring faith, hope, and love to people around the world. That’s why I decided I would climb one- Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world. From old testament to new, mountains are a symbol for just how BIG our God really is, the maker & mover of mountains. They are also a symbol for how His power is at work within us when we choose to have even the tiniest bit of faith, like that of a mustard seed. My goal is to climb this mountain while fundraising $25,000 for the Tim Tebow Foundation so lives can continued to be brightened and made aware that God is in the mountains and valleys of our lives.

*The photos used in the video are my own and the music is licensed for usage in this video.

Published By:

Alexis Vazquez

Tampa, Florida & Dallas, Texas

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