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Dream Title

Changing the World for One

About this Project:

Our overall dream is to adopt, but we feel like this dream reaches so much farther than just growing our family. After moving our lives to Nepal, we wondered how much difference we were actually making. The days are long and our hearts yearned for the normalcy of the United States. When the Lord impressed upon us that our next step was international adoption, we couldn’t think of a greater plan for us. We were terrified moving to Nepal and honestly, adoption terrifies us as well, but isn’t it when you have no plan B, that the Lord honors your dependence? We are out on a limb here, but confident that the bigger the dream, the bigger the cost, the bigger the risk, the greater the glory shown. Our dream is to mirror the adoption we received into the family of Jesus, and I don’t think dreams get better than that.

Published By:

Sarah Nunnally

Birmingham, Alabama (Kathmandu, Nepal)

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