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G.Tribe Alpacas “Living The Dream”

About this Project:

We are Melissa and Greg Glascock and we want to take G.Tribe Alpacas to the next level!
We live on a 12acre farm in Vancouver WA, we bought the land from my (Melissa’s) family in 2015, our children are the 6th generation to live here.
The “G” is for “Glascock” and “Tribe” is my maiden name, the name tied to our land.

We want to put this family land to use and create an alpaca business that appeals to the masses. We plan on breeding our high end alpacas to produce the finest alpaca fiber in the US.
We don’t plan on stopping with just breeding, we will also have our hand in the fiber world, processing most if not all of our fiber by hand. Selling this fiber at local farmers markets, an online shop we will develop, as well as a dream to distribute world wide.
Lastly we love to give back and have been training a select few alpacas to do therapy and have been working with our local 4H alpaca club.
The Dream is: enjoy farm life with our children. “Living the Dream”

Published By:

Melissa Glascock

Vancouver, Washington

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