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Photography Dreams for a Combat Vet

About this Project:

My dream is to go to a photography school in Montana for the summer. After years of military service and combat tours to Afghanistan and Iraq, I left the military to become a parent to two amazing children. It was a hard and fast transition, and the sudden lifestyle change and readjustment post-deployment was incredibly stressful. I started doing photography as a hobby to help me relax. I never got the chance to formalize my skills into training because my husband is still in the military and I frequently hold down the fort. My mother died of cancer last month, and in one of our last conversations, she told me to be happy and do what I love. I’m hoping to honor that by pursuing photography as a profession. It would allow me to have mobile income whenever my husband’s job moves us from place to place. I’m so grateful for the chance to speak about my love of photography, and hope that you would consider fulfilling my big dream!

Published By:

Misti "Kat" Pierce-Cloutier

Whispering Pines, NC

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