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Xylo Bats, LLC

About this Project:

We are a christian based wood baseball bat company striving to make the best wood bat in the world. Our overall dream is to be in the MLB beginning in the year 2018. We have been working hard this year to prepare everything so we can be in the pros next year. This includes an entry fee, insurance policies, sending bats in for testing and more. In June we purchased an engraving machine to cut down cost of engraving and we just purchased a CNC lathe in order to fill bulk orders when they come our way. We also use certain techniques to make our bats that set us apart from any other bat company. We have realized how expensive the startup cost of a company can be and understand that we can’t get to where we are wanting to go by ourselves. Our company lives by Proverbs 16:3, “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” and that is exactly what we try to do every day. We commit our work to the Lord and follow His lead as he guides us through this journey.

Published By:

Leland Wetzel

Wichita Falls, TX

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